17 Unique Ideas to Create the Perfect Indoor Oasis

Creating a relaxing and inviting indoor oasis is simple and effective in bringing the outdoors inside. We bring 17 unique ideas to the table.

Cactus on windowsill creating indoor oasis

With seasonal allergies, high pollen indexes, polluted city air, and cold, dry winter air, it can be tough to enjoy the great outdoors. In some parts of the country the air quality is so bad that residents are encouraged to limit their time outdoors.

Los Angeles, for example, suffers from some of the worst air pollution due to a high density population, cars, factories, and even stagnant dry weather.

Whether the air quality is poor, or cold winter weather is making you stay cooped up indoors, most everyone can relate to the doldrums of cabin fever.

Thankfully, creating a green oasis indoors is easier than you may have expected. Here are 17 ways to create the perfect, rejuvenating indoor oasis.

1. Use plants and lots of them – everything from floor plants, hanging plants, desk plants, terrariums, and cacti can do wonders for your indoor environment. Healing powers include improved mood, better air quality, and, well, they’re just nice to look at.

2. Think about your color scheme. The natural world embraces neutral colors like brown and tan, while green is a natural go-to. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with bright colors for a more bohemian style.

3. Choose furniture that fits the aesthetic you’re going for so you feel like you’re in a relaxing oasis.

4. Use a humidifier. While plants have many wonderful health benefits, they need some humidity in order to survive (even cacti and other desert plants prefer some humidity).

Plants in an indoor oasis need humidity

5. Utilize natural light. If you don’t have access to an abundance of natural lighting, use warm lighting or special growing lights that emulate natural lighting.

6. Don’t forget your sense of smell. Include incense or aromatherapy for relaxing and toxin-free fragrances to be diffused throughout your oasis.

7. Create other natural seeming elements to your oasis like running water in the form of a small fountain.

8. Make sure you have access to fresh air. While plants do an amazing job of producing additional oxygen for your indoor environment, it is worth it to invest in a quality purifier that makes it enjoyable to spend time in your oasis.

9. Use reclaimed wood for tables & accent pieces. It’ll give you a more natural look in your space.

Reclaimed wood place setting good for indoor oasis

10. Indulge in comfy, lounge-worthy surfaces like body and floor pillows.

11. Install night lights or small lights like fairy lights that can be placed throughout the room, so you can still enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of your oasis at night without harsh lighting.

12. Get creative with how you display your plants from varying sizes to textures to planter options.

13. Create a living wall. Instead of hanging artwork on your walls, try a vertical wall garden.

14. Have fun with exotic murals and printed wallpaper.

15. Grow herbs and plants you can cook with. Their lush foliage and natural fragrances will transform any room into an indoor oasis.

16. Use a plethora of plants as a room divider.

17. Literally bring the outdoors indoors by installing a hammock.

Your perfect indoor oasis is sure to be a hit. Between the healing powers of plants and the relaxing energy you’ve created in your home, you’ll experience a better sense of well-being by filling your indoor space with these natural elements.

Have you tried bringing the outdoors indoors? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!