A letter from our Chairwoman, Bee Straubenger

My name is Bee Straubenger, I’m the Chairwoman/Owner of Venta USA and I’m proud to welcome you to a life of healthier indoor air from our headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

When Venta was started in Germany in 1981, we were committed to solving the problems associated with dry and dirty indoor air. This commitment led to our invention of the Venta Airwasher, the most powerful 2-in-1 humidifier & purifier with no filters.

We have also always been guided by our role as a service company, a team of problem-solvers and a company led by our sense of environmental responsibility. Myself and my team here in the United States are following these Venta principles and making it our mission to make the air Americans breathe cleaner.

When you invest in a Venta product, you will receive premium, German, eco-friendly engineering and manufacturing, backed by a 10-year warranty and unparalleled customer service and support from my team.

I invite you to experience perfect indoor air quality and the life-changing benefits that are the Venta difference.

Bee Straubenger
Chairwoman, Venta USA