Air Conditioners May Be Getting You Sick

As the weather warms up, beware the indoor air pollution your AC unit may be creating.

Common knowledge would have you believe that the warmer the weather the less likely it is that you will catch a cold or other illness. While this seems like a sound theory, what is doesn’t take into account is the fact that air conditioners are often hotbeds for dust, mold, germs, and other bacteria. Perhaps worst of all, when the AC is running, circulating cool air throughout the house, it is also spreading the aforementioned particles of indoor air pollution.

air conditioning outside home in summer

As Urbanmeisters reports, office workers who worked with an air conditioner running experienced health issues at a higher rate than those who didn’t.

Air conditioners have been linked to an increase in respiratory illnesses, such as colds. According to one 2004 study, women who worked in an office with air conditioning had more absences due to sickness and more frequent visits to ear, nose and throat doctors. Another study found that most employees who worked in air-conditioned offices suffered more illnesses than those who worked in offices with natural ventilation systems.

The overwhelming conclusion of the studies that have been conducted is that the answer lies in germs. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Air conditioners circulate air continuously and with that air comes the germs it contains. Air conditioners are essentially circulating germs, mold and bacteria all day long. It is no wonder that a continuous exposure to airborne microbes would lead to an increase in respiratory illnesses.

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