DIY: 17 Foolproof Spa-Like Ideas to De-stress at Home

We all have stressful days. Luckily, creating a relaxing spa day at home isn’t more than a DIY body scrub or essential oil away.

Relaxing woman in bathtub reading book at spa

Work, money, traffic. These are just a few of the oh-too-common stressors we worry about on a daily basis. When we think about ways we can de-stress, we tend to envision a soothing spa-like environment with candles, soft music, and incense burning.

Spas can often be expensive and hard to fit into your schedule, so why not bring the spa home? We’ve rounded up 17 ideas for you to have the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa day at home, perfect for when you’re stressed.

  • Set the scene: Choose an area of your home to be your relaxing spot. Make it some place quiet, away from electronics and distracting noise.
  • Use soft lighting. Himalayan Salt Lamps are a great idea, as they have numerous health benefits like treating seasonal affective disorder and improving mood and concentration.
  • Whether you’re relaxing on the couch or on your bed, think about soft, plush surfaces. These soft, organic blankets are a great addition to your sustainable home and décor.
  • Read a not-so-thought-provoking book. They’re called beach reads for a reason. Magazines and books about a fun topic you are interested in can help to inspire creativity and take your mind off of stress.

Spa treatment can be relaxing at home

  • Drink your way out of stress with a mood-boosting, healthy fruit smoothie. Your skin, mind, and body will thank you later.
  • Turn on some soothing sounds. Whether it’s crashing waves, chirping birds, acoustic guitar strums, or your favorite music artist, tailor your at-home spa to your tastes by providing the perfect soundtrack.
  • Take a healing green tea bath. As a natural antioxidant and detoxifier, green tea is not just for sipping, but can be used as part of your stress-relieving process too. While filling up your bath tub with hot water, place about 10-12 tea bags in the water to begin steeping.
  • Unplug from electronics. Nothing kills relaxing energy more than a buzzing cell phone with notifications and email alerts (that work email doesn’t need to be answered right this second!).
  • Put together a de-stressing kit. Whether it be bath salts, aromatic flowers, tea bags, or candles, having all your DIY spa essentials in one place makes it easy to unwind and start relaxing.

Relaxing bath and spa essentials

Spa like environment with yoga mat and Venta Airwasher

Creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment at home can be a surefire way to help reduce stress. Whether you choose natural remedies or household items that do not require additional purchases, we hope these suggestions have inspired you to start relaxing at home today!