Be Fashion-Forward to Save the Planet

The innovative world of fashion is finding ways to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendliness into its forward-thinking designs.

Fashion forward and eco friendly fashion brand

A worldwide institution of endless innovation and creativity, the fashion industry is a resource by which we often define ourselves. Once our parents stop dressing us and we begin choosing the attire that we adorn ourselves with we enter the world of knowingly being perceived by others. We ask ourselves what it means to wear jeans instead of slacks, how we want our leather jacket to look, and the other infinite combinations that we can think up.

However, despite the intricate thoughts regarding fashion that we find ourselves entertaining we often can overlook one very important aspect of fashion: is my fashion choice good for the environment?

While the mass consumption of cheap t-shirts has been blasted by many eco-friendly authorities, rest assured that there are some fashion choices that have sustainability in mind, and many more emerging. Currently, Hamilton Perkins is designing travel bags that are both super-functional and made from 100% recycled plastic. As the founder explains, functionality was key to a successful eco-friendly product:

Our customers can spend less time digging and searching during those important moments. Our product allows them to focus more time on connecting with others, making more friends when traveling, and look good while doing good.

Fashion forward brands

With over $100 billion spent annually on luggage and accessories (as reported by Urbanmeisters), offering an earth-friendly travel bag is an important step in curbing the consumption of cheap materials that can drive up environmental costs, including air pollution. The brand’s first generation bags are launching very soon, which be a telling barometer as to how in-demand eco-fashion choices are.

The aforementioned Urbanmeisters have also recently launched a column called Eco-Chic which aims to highlight some designers and fashion pieces that have avoid polluting the earth. The website seemed to put it best:

It’s no secret that today’s fashion industry leaves a huge footprint on the environment, being the second largest polluting sector after the oil trade business. From pesticides used in growing cotton, the chemicals from toxic dyes, the landfill impact of clothes that are no longer fashionable to the energy required for the production of new outfits – the list of ecological consequences is endless.

If these emerging companies (and more) continue to grow it won’t be long before the mainstream fashion markets begin to incorporate this mindset into their own seasonal lines. Who knows, with a company like BLANC taking off you might also have a green dry cleaner to take your eco-conscious outfits to.