Disc Stack
  • Replaces old or worn Disc Stacks
  • LW14, LW15, LW24, LW24 Plus, LW25 models require one Disc Stack
  • LW44 and LW45 models require two Disc Stacks to operate
  • Disc Stacks sold individually
  • Disc Stack Handle/Disc Stack End Caps sold separately



The Disc Stack for the LW24, LW44, LW44 Plus, LW25, and LW45 Airwasher Models will replace old or worn Disc Stacks. The LW14, LW15, LW24, LW24 Plus, and the LW25 require one Disc Stack to operate while the LW44, LW44 Plus, and LW45 Airwasher Models use two Disc Stacks (sold separately). The LW24, LW24 Plus, LW25, LW44, LW44 Plus and LW45 models each have convenient handles that fit onto the Disc Stack(s) to make removal effortless. Disc Stack Handle/End Caps sold separately.

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