VENTAcarb Filter
  • Compatible with the Venta Kuuboid XL Max and the Kuubel XL-T
  • Eliminates many odors and gases such as VOCs, tobacco smoke, and kitchen odors
  • Lifespan of approximately 6 months
  • Prolongs the life of your Venta unit
  • Available in single or a dual-pack
  • Made in Germany



Enhance the performance of your Venta unit by adding the VENTAcarb Filter, designed to be used in conjunction with the VENTAcel Nelior Filter. The VENTAcarb Filter features a large inner surface area that generates an enormous adsorption capacity for gaseous components, including many volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Once installed inside the VENTAcel Filter, this activated carbon filter removes a variety of airborne gases such as radon gases, septic tank gases, carbon monoxide, and aerosol fumes. The VENTAcarb Filter is also highly efficient in eliminating tough odors from cigarette smoke to help improve the overall indoor air quality. Manufactured of a pliable material, granular carbon encased in carbon mesh, our VENTAcarb Filter will provide maximum filtration and prolong the life of your unit when used in combination with VENTAcel Filter.


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