Large Spaces

Optimal Humidity in Large Spaces

Today, in more and more homes and offices, people are deciding bigger is better. Open-plan living-dining areas or loft apartments are increasingly popular. Even in homes with smaller rooms, doors are often left open. Whatever the size of the room, the right temperature (approx. 68°F) and humidity (40-60%) are essential to comfort.

What qualifies as a large room?

Large rooms start from a floor area of 430 ft² with a standard ceiling height of 8 feet. A large living-dining area or a loft apartment easily qualifies. Not to mention studios, open-plan offices, and large conference rooms.

The rule is that the smaller the room, the easier it is to humidify the air inside. A 150 ft² bedroom is no problem, but what about a generous living room or spacious living-dining area measuring 430 ft² or larger? Is it possible to control the humidity in rooms like this? With Venta Airwashers, the answer is yes. 

The challenge of large rooms

Large rooms may be a modern trend, but the need for an optimal indoor climate is nothing new. Insufficient relative humidity can negatively affect comfort and health. However, maintaining the optimal humidity level is usually a challenge. This is where humidifiers can have a significant impact. Venta Airwasher Humidifiers help maintain a healthy humidity of 40-60% and naturally reduce harmful pollutants found in your indoor air. This is practically a must in large rooms with automatic ventilation or underfloor heating. Most humidifiers are designed for specific room sizes. Small appliances simply cannot properly humidify large rooms. Even turned up to the max over a long period, they are most often not powerful enough to noticeably improve the indoor air.

The modern solution for easy living in large rooms

Humidifiers for large rooms are much more powerful. They are designed to humidify the air in spaces of up to 2,700 ft². That’s the size of a tennis court. Select Venta Airwashers also come with remote control and the option of control via an app. You can monitor and control your indoor air – even on the go.

How the Venta Airwasher works

A fan directs the ambient air into the water-filled Airwasher, where it travels through specially arrayed Disc Stacks. Hygienically clean air evaporates from their surfaces into the room. Simultaneously, the stacks trap harmful substances such as dust or pollen down to a particle size of 10 µm, which are then washed off in the water and collected in the Airwasher.