Optimal Humidity in Offices

Many of us spend most of our day in an office. That is why it is so important to make sure of a healthy room climate. Just like any other rooms, offices should have a relative humidity of 40 to 60% so that employees feel comfortable.

Office air too dry?

The climate in rooms where a large number of people spend several hours a day tends to deteriorate. Usually, humidity is below the minimum level for comfort. It’s often even lower in winter because cold air absorbs less moisture than warm air. Central heating dries out the air even more.

What causes dry air in offices?

Computers, printers, projectors, phones, and other technical equipment also dry out the air. What’s more, the concentration of equipment leads to more fine dust which permanently circulates in the air. To make sure a poor room climate does not adversely affect the comfort and performance of your employees, it is important to maintain the right humidity level in your office space.

Humidifiers for offices: a comfortable climate at work

Potted plants are one option for extra humidity as well as an attractive interior design. Some plant species even improve the climate of a room by regulating humidity and filtering dust. On the downside, plants take up a lot of space and need looking after. What’s more, you need to avoid species with strong scents or allergy potential.

Much less complicated and more efficient is a humidifier for your office. Airwashers kill two birds with one stone. They ensure optimal humidity of 40 to 60% and purify the air of particles down to a size of 10 µm (e.g. house dust, pollen).

A fan directs the ambient air into the water-filled Venta Airwasher, where it travels through specially arrayed Disc Stacks. Hygienically clean air evaporates from their surfaces into the room. Simultaneously, the disks trap harmful substances, which are then washed off in the water and collected in the Airwasher.