The US Department of Energy Celebrates 40 Years

40 years ago the US Department of Energy was created. We’re taking a look at some of the hot topics and history of the department.

For a nation as vast and diverse as the United States, energy is a complicated and critical topic to manage. Over the past 40 years, the US Department of Energy has provided Americans with access to information on how to be energy-aware while also rolling out major projects, particularly in clean energy dependence.

Venta USA is passionate about the clean energy efforts we see taking place around the world, especially here in the United States. Our parent company, Venta-Luftwäscher GmbH, is a certified green energy climate protection company.

Our products are environmentally friendly. All our devices are manufactured completely with green electricity, completely recyclable and constructed for sustainability. Their power consumption and energy efficiency are already low, and we optimize it continuously. Venta devices allow you to sustainably reduce your costs.

Additionally, Venta is proud to have acclaimed actor Edward Norton, also an environmental activist, to be part of our Venta Community.

Because of all this, Venta USA recognizes the importance of the US Department of Energy’s mission to continuously make new strides towards energy efficiency.

US Department of Energy History

Image Source: US Department of Energy

On October 1st, 1977, the first Secretary of Energy, Dr. James R. Schlesinger, laid out the mission of the new US Department of Energy. It was crucial to address the ongoing energy crisis at the time and the emerging energy demands of the nation. Handling both the nuclear energy activities and the handful of energy-related programs already in place, the new department had their work cut out for them to devise a strong plan for the future.

Each decade saw its focus change with the current events of the time:

  • 1970’s: Emphasis on energy development and deregulation.
  • 1980’s: During the Cold War, nuclear weapons research, development, and production took priority.
  • 1990’s: By the time the Cold War ended, the focus shifted to environmental cleanup of nuclear weapons complex, nonproliferation, and stewardship of the nuclear stockpile.
  • 2000’s: Science and technology took the forefront in relation to developing cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy programs and practices. Transforming the nation’s energy system to encourage and prefer clean energy technologies has been a primary focus for the last 8 years.

For a full timeline of the Department’s history, head to their website for an in-depth look into each year’s events.

Hot Topics of the Department

The US Department of Energy (DOE) manages several hot topics of interest including science and innovation, energy economy and security and safety.

As a company, Venta values clean energy and energy efficiency. And while clean energy is most commonly associated with the primary function and responsibility of the DOE, it is only a small portion of all the areas covered.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what hot topics are managed by the DOE:

Science and Innovation

Energy Economy

Security and Safety

How You Can be Energy Aware

It’s our mission here at Venta to not only maintain energy-efficient and clean energy practices but also to spread the word on the importance of being energy aware.

Throughout its 40 years of service, the US Department of Energy has created many resources to help encourage energy awareness and action. From on-site programs to social media events, there’s been considerable effort to teach and inform the general public about how to be more energy aware.

If you’re looking to be more energy aware, start by signing up for the DOE’s newsletter where you will get news, tips and industry insights.

You can make small changes to your daily routine at home and at the office which will make you a more efficient energy consumer. Small lifestyle changes can go a long way.

What are you currently doing to be more energy-efficient and energy-aware? Let us know!