The Winter Skincare Product You Need: Humidifiers

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With each season, the skincare products we use change. Winter is no exception. This season, humidifiers are the secret to your winter skincare routine.

If you live in a place that experiences any type of cold weather, you might know somebody that claims to use a humidifier to counteract the dryness of the air when the temperature starts to plummet. Humidifiers are well known to relieve sinus congestion, headaches, dry throat, nose irritation, congested noses, and irritated vocal cords. But get this: humidifiers aren’t just great for adding moisture to the air to prevent the irritations that are associated with dry air; they also act as a moisturizing agent that has an awesome effect on your skin. In other words, like many skincare products such as moisturizers and serums, humidifiers can help your skin stay hydrated and supple.

Our bodies are constantly losing moisture as it evaporates through the skin. Dry air exacerbates this, leaching even more moisture and leaving you with dull skin. While this is completely out of our control, using skincare products can help to replace that lost moisture. The good news is humidifiers are also very effective for preventing the damaging effects of dry air and helping you maintain glowing and radiant skin.

In fact, experts indicate that using a humidifier in your home while you sleep has been shown to increase your skin’s hydration levels. When you create a moist environment for your skin, you’re making sure that it is healthy, which improves the way it looks, feels, and functions. It’s time to add humidifiers to your winter skincare routine!

Use a humidifier like the Venta Airwasher to update your winter skincare routine
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When your skin gets the hydration that it wants and needs, it is far more radiant. Like moisturizers and other skincare products, a humidifier helps soothe and prevent dry skin, dullness, and flakes or peeling.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Closely linked to the moisturizing benefits, humidifiers have been known to help smooth the appearance of creases, fine lines, and wrinkles.


By preventing dry skin and, as a by-product, managing the skin’s oil production, humidifiers help prevent breakouts. Venta Airwashers offer your indoor air just the right amount of humidity, never over-saturating your environment, which can be dangerous to your health and well-being.

Another way humidifiers can aid in managing acne production is by helping to purify the air in your home, so your skin isn’t exposed to as many airborne pollutants, bacteria, and other irritants. This can also be achieved by the Airwashers purification aspect, purifying your indoor air down to 0.3 microns.


Humidifiers even have a positive effect on your hair. Not only do they help add essential moisture to keep hair from drying out; but by doing so the added moisture makes it less prone to breakage and, as added bonus, will keep your scalp itch and flake-free.


While you’re updating your winter skincare routine, don’t forget about the benefits that humidifiers offer the skin. Whether you’re fighting acne, looking to moisturize, or decrease fine lines and wrinkles, adding a humidifier as an essential skincare product will prove beneficial.

Humidification for Skincare Year-Round

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Contrary to popular belief, humidifiers aren’t just for use in the cold winter months – dehydrated skin can occur in the summer months as well. You may not know this, but countering the heat of the summer with an air conditioning system contributes to dry air in our homes and offices. Although a necessity on hot summer days, air conditioners can soak moisture from the air and leave your skin feeling dry and cracked. The Airwasher’s ability to never over-humidify makes it the best humidifier on the market to use year-round.

One of the best parts about using a humidifier is that it’s less work than remembering to apply your daily skincare products. You simply leave the humidifier on throughout the night while you sleep. In fact, humidifiers even help improve the quality of your sleep since they benefit the respiratory system.

Although using a humidifier had us at “help with sleep”, they can do so much for your overall health including your skin. For something so easy to use and so very basic in its approach to keeping skin radiant, vibrant, and glowing, having a humidifier is a no-brainer. So no matter where you live and what seasons you experience, a humidifier is an effective way of keeping your skin healthy.

For more information on the Airwasher’s dual-function humidification and purification system and how it can improve your winter skincare routine, check out the Venta website!


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